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spotless dry carpet cleaning
spotless dry carpet cleaning after

Quality Floor Cleaning For Commercial Premises With Minimum Disruption

Hotels, clubs, pubs, shopping centres, hospitals and communal areas have all got one thing in common – a  high footfall.  As a result, carpets and flooring in these types of premises get dirty surprisingly quickly and  shutdowns need to be minimised to avoid disruption and loss of revenue.

We provide an organic cleaning process for the following service areas:

  • Pubs, Bars and Clubs
  • Hotels
  • Rental Properties
  • Communal areas in Flats and Apartments
  • Offices
  • Retail and Industrial Showrooms

Our equipment can handle most types of floor surfaces:

  • Carpets
  • Upholstery (all fabrics including leather)
  • Hard floors (wood, laminate, tiles, etc.)
  • Industrial kitchen areas
  • Scientific laboratories

Tough Stains? – No problem

Using a powerful combination of specialised organic cleaning products, years of expertise, and good old fashioned elbow grease, our dry extraction floor cleaning equipment will bring your flooring back to life quickly and efficiently.

spotless dry carpet cleaning3 before
spotless dry carpet cleaning3 after

Better cleaning with less disruption and downtime

Unlike most carpet cleaners, we use a high-performance dry extraction system

First, we remove dry dirt using a combination of high airflow vacuuming and brush agitation. Then we use a patented biodegradable fibre sponge powder blend to dissolve and absorb both water-based and oil-based dirt. Soft, organic ‘sponge fibres’ are moistened with a small amount of  water, detergent and safe solvent before being brushed through the carpet fibre to lift sticky soiling. Finally, we vacuum up the sponge residue leaving your carpet clean, dry and ready of immediate use.

Sadly, we can’t guarantee to make every stain disappear but we can demonstrate that ours is the most effective process for significantly reducing these types of marks, leaving your flooring looking better than it has done in years.

Where a one-off treatment has reduced, but not completely removed, heavy staining, our scheduled maintenance cleans will further reduce stains over time.

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