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Intensive and restorative dry carpet cleaning

Your flooring is under your feet every day but is often forgotten. Dirt and grime build up very quickly on carpets and hard floors and while you may not notice it, your customers family and friends almost certainly will.

Why not transform an area of your home or business by having your carpets and hard floors restored, cleaned and maintained by Spotless Dry Carpet Cleaning.

The results of restoration will, of course, depend very much on the nature and current condition of your floor covering but, as you can see from our testimonials, we regularly exceed our customers’ expectations. In fact, many of our clients are so impressed that they contract us to provide a regular clean and  maintenance program to keep their flooring looking spotless.

Use your room immediately

A major benefit of the DRY cleaning process we use is that there is no downtime after cleaning. You can use your floor immediately after cleaning. Imagine a clean floor and no more waiting for the carpets to dry!

Environmentally friendly carpet cleaning that won’t damage your flooring

Our dry extraction cleaning process doesn’t involve heat, steam or gallons of water. The products we use are  environmentally friendly, pet safe, and won’t damage, shrink, or fade your flooring.

spotless dry carpet cleaning - child and pet friendly

Our dry carpet cleaning service offers you a whole lot more

Cleaning, maintenance and restoration of most types of flooring in homes and businesses across the South of England and we offer the following benefits as standard.

  • Floors are left dry and ready for immediate use.
  • Floors are left visibly cleaner, more hygienic and allergy-friendly
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Child & pet-safe

Magic on stubborn marks & stains

Chewing gum, oil, wine and coffee are just some of the substances that can make your flooring look dirty, tired, and unattractive  The good news is that Spotless Dry has a surprisingly high success rate in removing or reducing even the toughest stains.

spotless dry carpet cleaning - remove stains
spotless dry carpet cleaning - regular maintenance

Our regular carpet cleaning keeps your floors looking amazing for longer

Regular cleaning by Spotless Dry carpet cleaning prevents the continued build-up of dirt and grime in your carpets and floors.

Our environment-friendly cleaning process helps extend the lifespan of the floor covering, saving you money while improving the attractiveness of your home or commercial premises.

Better cleaning with less disruption and downtime

Unlike most carpet cleaners, we use a high-performance dry extraction system

First, we remove dry dirt using a combination of high airflow vacuuming and brush agitation. Then we use a patented biodegradable fibre sponge powder blend to dissolve and absorb both water-based and oil-based dirt. Soft, organic ‘sponge fibres’ are moistened with a small amount of  water, detergent and safe solvent before being brushed through the carpet fibre to lift sticky soiling. Finally, we vacuum up the sponge residue leaving your carpet clean, dry and ready of immediate use.

Host dry carpet cleaning equipment
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