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Sisal Hall Runner

Project Date:
March 2020

The Client:

Richard Jeans, contacted Spotlessdry, in the hope that they would be able to rejuvenate a grubby sisal runner in the hallway of his home.

The Job:

The carpet in question was a three-meter hallway runner made of sisal, that had definitely seen better days. As Richard described it, “It was filthy, and did not make a good first impression when anyone walked through the front door.”

Mr Jeans also knew that, because it was made from a natural plant fibre, the rug would be particularly prone to shrinking and warping if it got wet.

Mr Jeans found Spotlessdry via the internet while researching dry carpet cleaning. As they were local, had the necessary equipment and used environmentally friendly, biodegradable cleaning products, he invited them to come round and quote.

“He (Pete Sillence), arrived when he said he would and assessed the situation professionally. As it was sisal, he said he couldn’t make any promises and that it might take two treatments but that he would give it his best shot.”  The price quoted was fair and reasonable, so Mr Jeans gave the go-ahead for the initial treatment, and Pete returned to his van to get his equipment.

The Results:

After the first treatment, which took 30-45minutes, the carpet was definitely cleaner, and there was no sign of shrinkage. However, Pete felt that a second treatment could still make a big difference. “He refused to take any payment until we were completely satisfied, and suggested that I talk it over with my wife that evening before deciding.” They agreed to go ahead with the second treatment and called Spotlessdry back the following day.

Customer Comments.

“After the second treatment the runner looked even better, and we were delighted with the end result,” said Mr Jeans. “I’d be happy to recommend Spotlessdry to friends and neighbours.” When asked why, he replied, “Pete was authentic, down to earth and approachable. The quality of their work exceeded our expectations. I’d be happy to say that  they did a good job for me and I’m sure they’ll do a good job for you too.”


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