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Stone Tile Floor

SpotlessDry - stone tile floor cleaning

Project Date:
Feb 2021

The Client:

Kerry, the householder, contacted Spotlessdry, after putting up her dirty stone tiled kitchen floor for several months. She had tried cleaning it herself without success. Layers of ingrained dirt had built up in the grout lines spoiling what had once been a beautiful floor. The final straw came was when one of the radiators in the kitchen leaked, resulting in unsightly brown staining across a large area.

The Job:

Kerry contacted Spotless dry following a recommendation from her partner who had previously used them for carpet cleaning in a public house.

“Mr Sillence turned up at the agreed time and, after examining the floor, seemed confident that the staining could be removed.”  “He explained the need for a specialist machine to loosen and remove ingrained dirt, and the  price quoted was reasonable, so we gave  Peter the go-ahead.”  

Treatment and Results:

Over the next three hours, Spotless Dry used a specialised, heavy-duty edge machine to remove all the ingrained dirt. This machine is explicitly designed to clean stone tile floors. It does a lovely job and leaves the floor dry and ready for use.

Customer Comments.

“We are delighted with the end result. The staining and dirt were gone, and our dull, drab stone floor had been returned to pristine condition. I used to hate looking at it, and now I smile every time I walk into the room.”

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